School Uniform

Your child needs to be in clothes that are neat, tidy and practical.  We have a school uniform that all children wear and we greatly appreciate parents/carers’ support with this.  It consists of:-

BOYS: Grey trousers or shorts, white polo shirt, green jumper or school sweatshirt.

GIRLS: Grey skirt, pinafore, trousers or shorts, white polo shirt, grey/green cardigan or school sweatshirt.  Summer dresses in green and white check.

Sweatshirts and cardigans are on sale from the school office.

School book bags are also available for purchase from the school office. Please do not send rucksacks into school as there is no room for these on the children’s pegs. 

Pupils should wear proper black shoes with low heels to school and not open toed sandals or trainers.  Socks or tights should be white, grey, black or dark green and should be plain.

Hair colour and style must be appropriate for school.  Extreme colours and styles of hair are not permitted. Girl’s long hair must be tied back with a simple hair fastening in the colours of the school uniform.

A coat will also be needed every day.

No jewellery should be worn or brought to school for health and safety reasons, including earrings.  If you are planning to have your child’s ears pierced, please ensure that this happens at the beginning of the summer holidays so that the holes are well healed and your child can attend school without earrings.

Children should not bring valuables or toys from home into school.

We ask parents/carers to please ensure that all items of clothing, shoes and personal belongings are clearly and permanently labelled with your child’s name.


All children need a pair of black sports shorts and white T-shirt for PE (These can be purchased from the school as a kit which also includes a PE bag).  All children must have a pair of plimsolls for PE as these are thin-soled and safest for indoor gymnastics. Children will also need a pair of trainers suitable for outdoor games. 

Uniform can be ordered by completing the order form (link below) and bringing to the school office with payment.

School Uniform Order Form